Everyone Welcome! Founders and Interns. Beginners and Expert Climbers alike!

Startup Climbing is a community of more than 10,000 climbers, founders, and generally fun people. We bring in some of the world's most interesting startup stories from names you know and some you might not. Located in several cities around the country, we started in Brooklyn, NY at the local (and awesome) Brooklyn Boulders in November of 2014.

We encourage you to reach out to us if you're interested in organizing, attending, sponsoring, or speaking. Scott & Tim will be your go-to contacts for most of that.

Search your local meetup page for our next event, or help us organize one for your city!

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(they climb too)

  • Steve Hindy

    Steve Hindy

    Brooklyn Brewery
  • Lance Pinn

    Lance Pinn

    Brooklyn Boulders
  • Daniela Perdomo

    Daniela Perdomo

  • Charlie O'Donnell

    Charlie O'Donnell

    Brooklyn Bridge Ventures
  • Dave Stein

    Dave Stein

  • Scot Tatelman

    Scot Tatelman

    State Bags
  • Sebastian Kaufmann

    Sebastian Kaufmann

    Kaufmann Mercantile
  • Justin Ginsburgh

    Justin Ginsburgh

    Motivate & Citi Bike
  • Matt Harrigan

    Matt Harrigan

    Grand Central Tech
  • Wiley Cerilli

    Wiley Cerilli

    Single Platform
  • Alex Levin

    Alex Levin

  • Kevin Sweeney

    Kevin Sweeney

  • Ryan Armbrust

    Ryan Armbrust

    FF Ventures
  • Mik Stroyberg

    Mik Stroyberg

  • Anna Gordon

    Anna Gordon

    The Good Batch
  • Jeff Crystal

    Jeff Crystal

    Voltaic Systems
  • Nathan Bashaw

    Nathan Bashaw

    General Assembly
  • Amol Sarva

    Amol Sarva

    Virgin Mobile USA & Knotel
  • Jonathan Cedar

    Jonathan Cedar

  • Allison Dorst

    Allison Dorst

    Pinks and Greens


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