Best Climbing Gyms in the USA

Rock climbing is an extreme sport, and even the determined beginners are afraid to learn climbing in nature. Moreover, even professionals need the place to have training sessions and master their skills. So, the purpose of climbing gyms is evident. If several decades earlier, there were a few such gyms throughout the state, now they gained popularity, and distinguishing the best one is difficult. But it’s impossible to deny the benefits of climbing gyms — it’s a new experience for people. Climbing sets both physical and mental challenges for a person; it is no wonder that it became popular among youth.
By the way, many colleges decided to create the climbing teams. If you’re studying in college and your institution encourages you to join the climbing team, don’t refuse. The existence of assignment writing help services lets you devote your time to anything you want, without fear for academic performance.
Let’s review the top climbing gyms in the USA.

The Cliffs at Callowhill, Philadelphia, PA

The Cliffs if the chain of small gyms in New York. This location was opened recently, and it’s a full-scale facility with a large territory. There are different types of walls to satisfy everyone. Even professional climbers will agree that this gym is amazing. Besides climbing, Cliffs offer yoga training, fitness courses, sauna, and other facilities.

Central Rock Gym

It’s one of the most famous climbing gyms in the USA that was established in 2009. It has a variety of locations in such states as New York, Massachusets, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. The area of climbing walls is 17000 square feet. The heigh of these walls is almost 100 feet. It’s not everything these gyms can boast of. There are lots of climbing programs, for example, an adaptive program for beginners. The coaches do everything to make every visitor fall in love with this sport.

LA Boulders

The total square of climbing walls is almost 12,000 acres. This gym is ideal for those people who love to overcome challenges in everything because the number of boulder problems exceeds 200. For this reason, LA Boulders is an amazing place to master climbing skills. The motto of this gym is to be home for every visitor, regardless of his or her skills. Those who are shy to take up climbing classes may opt for private lessons with one of the professional coaches working there. Buying a membership gives visitors access to numerous fitness classes.

First Ascent Climbing

This gym has several locations in Chicago state. The facilities they offer make the First Ascent Climbing one of the best climbing gyms in Chicago. 25,000 square feet of space comprises tall climbing walls, arches, fitness center with fitness equipment and separate rooms for yoga classes.

Brooklyn Boulders

It has 5 locations now. The story of Brooklyn Boulders had started in the distant 2009 when the first gym in Brooklyn was opened. Brooklyn Boulders isn’t only rea full of climbing walls; it’s a community. Nevertheless, the area of this gym amazes - 22,000 square feet of walls. Each location of Brooklyn Boulders is amazing. It has its own retail shop with branded products. If you value the sense of community, Brooklyn Boulders is for you.

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