Paragliding Tips for Beginners

Paragliding is an extreme and adventure sport for those who want to experience something new, challenge themselves, and explore new terrains at bird’s-eye view. If you’re not afraid of high altitudes and ready to start right now, halt.
Note, paragliding as dangerous as exciting. Therefore, if you decide to make the first flight, but have zero experience, examine the essential tips for beginners.

Training is Vital

If you have zero experience in paragliding, forget about beating any records on your first flight. Even if you watched hundreds of videos on YouTube, you need to pass training lessons first. Listen to experienced instructors and note everything. These recommendations may save your life.

Start with Instructor

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to learn how to glide from books, videos, and theory lessons. Only experienced instructors will help you avoid any problems and land on feet with no issues. Therefore, make your first flights in tandem with a professional instructor only.

Practice on Slopes

Don’t start from extreme heights if you don’t know how to control a wing like a pro. Start paragliding on slopes to learn how to catch wind and glide. Also, don’t forget to learn the basics of landing to avoid traumas.
You can also bring your soulmate and practice flying together. It’s a great way to pass the time and get new emotions for a couple. Don’t have a partner yet? Use Fling, a dating platform to find a beloved one with ease. If you have any doubts, check out Fling reviews on the Web.

Pay Attention to Weather

Doubtless, paragliding is a weather dependent sport. There is no need to expect a sunny and cloudless day to make a flight. However, you should paraglide when the weather conditions match particular criteria.
If you don’t want to waste your time, you should discover if the wind speed is lower than 18 mph in advance. Beginners should start when the wind speed is 2-15 mph. Unfortunately, weather forecasts are not 100% accurate. By this, always examine several sources.

Don’t Forget about Transportation

You can hardly see paragliders who glide between skyscrapers in downtown. You need to drive to a particular terrain that delivers the best experience and matches your requirements. Therefore, you need to take care of transportation from home, hotel, or airport.

Choose Best Equipment

Never compromise on quality, choosing equipment for paragliding. Your life depends on the quality of a wing and gear that you use. Also, don’t forget to read manuals thoroughly to ensure a safe and secure flight.

Join a Paragliding Community

It can be breathtaking when you glide in the air by using a wing. However, it can also be very fun when you do this with your friends. Become a paragliding club member to ensure your professional growth. Like-minded people will show you great places, share helpful tricks, and become your friends.

Capture your Emotions

Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture stunning landscapes and share them with your friends. Also, you can get a selfie-stick and film your emotions. Note that your camera should resist any weather conditions, like strong wind and low temperatures.

The Longest Paragliding Flight

Do you think that a paragliding flight can last 10-15 minutes without an engine? You should know that professional paragliders can fly a few hours and cover hundreds of miles by catching air flows.
The longest paragliding flight record has been beaten in 2019 by Dustin B. Martin from the USA. This guy flew 764 km or 474.7 miles and spent 14 hours to set the record.

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