Best Climbing Gyms in the USA

Rock climbing is an extreme sport, and even the determined beginners are afraid to learn climbing in nature. Moreover, even professionals ne

Paragliding Tips for Beginners

Paragliding is an extreme and adventure sport for those who want to experience something new, challenge themselves, and explore new terrains

Climbing Gear List - Everything You Need to Know

Ambitious and adventurous people enjoy active hobbies, like climbing. The activity is exceptionally dangerous for amateurs, as it requires p

  • Steve Hindy

    Brooklyn Brewery
  • Lance Pinn

    Brooklyn Boulders
  • Daniela Perdomo

  • Charlie O'Donnell

    Brooklyn Bridge Ventures
  • Dave Stein

  • Scot Tatelman

    State Bags
  • Sebastian Kaufmann

    Kaufmann Mercantile
  • Justin Ginsburgh

    Motivate & Citi Bike
  • Matt Harrigan

    Grand Central Tech
  • Wiley Cerilli

    Single Platform
  • Alex Levin

  • Kevin Sweeney

  • Ryan Armbrust

    FF Ventures
  • Mik Stroyberg

  • Anna Gordon

    The Good Batch
  • Jeff Crystal

    Voltaic Systems
  • Nathan Bashaw

    General Assembly
  • Amol Sarva

    Virgin Mobile USA & Knotel
  • Jonathan Cedar

  • Allison Dorst

    Pinks and Greens